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Full Service Convenience
Co-op Fuel & Convenience
March 25, 2019

Above and Beyond Full Service

Full service at Prairie Sky Co-op means extra service at no extra cost. We love helping out our neighbours and for us, full-service gas stations are one way we can do that! Whether it's a cold winter day or a hot summer day, you can expect to stay comfortable and let us fill your vehicle for you. 

Gas Bar

Whether you are looking for full- or self-serve, Prairie Sky Co-op offers high-performance fuels at competitive pricing at 2 locations in Weyburn, and locations in Beaubier, Milestone and Lang. 

See locations here.

Convenience Store

While fueling up, treat yourself to a beverage or snack of your choice. We offer an excellent selection of convenience items to complement your busy lifestyle including hot coffee, Big Cool, roadtrip snacks and freshly made sandwiches. 

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