2024 Community Spaces
January 25, 2024


At Co-op, we know the importance of community, and are proud to support spaces that bring people together.

For the 10th year, Co-op Community Spaces is helping protect, beautify and improve spaces across Western Canada. In 2024, Co-op will contribute $1 million to support projects that improve or create the spaces where Western Canadians come together.

Since 2015, 175 local projects have been supported with $12.5 million in capital funding.

Projects can apply for between $25,000 and $150,000 in capital funding in three categories: recreation, environmental conservation and urban agriculture. For more details on eligibility and application timelines, please visit our funding page.

Applications for 2024 Co-op Community Spaces will be open from Feb 1 – March 1st , 2024.

Access the full application HERE

Co-op Community Sport Court in Milestone is one of 13 projects that have received a portion of $1 million as a 2022 recipient of Co-op Community Spaces.

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